Highlight your Year
If you want the absolute best senior portrait experience possible, The Tammy Howell Rep Team is the only way to get it.  Spots are limited, so apply soon. We will contact you with additional information and answer all of your questions.



How is the Rep Team different than a Senior session?


  • You will have multiple sessions at a variety of locations with exclusive themes throughout the year

  • At about the same cost as a regular single session, the Rep Team sessions can be in different seasons.

  • You don't have to wait until the end to see your images...you get a steady stream of new photos to share with friends and family.

How much does it cost to join?

A minimum payment of $199 is due when you join. The remaining costs are determined by the program options you choose. You will receive detailed information and have the opportunity to ask questions before you commit to the team. There is no cost or obligation to join when you send us your information.

Who gets accepted?

Students with a positive reputation and social media presence

Priority is given to students who are nominated by past Reps, referred by other applicants, and those who apply early. Once the spots are filled, no further applications will be accepted.

What are the themes?

See @tammyhowellseniors Instagram for examples. We have exclusive themes planned such as Creek, Waterfall, Downtown, and Fall Color. We are also going to add many more creative and holiday themed sessions this year! These are only available to reps.


The Glow Paint session is a fun experience and the image are unlike anything you'll get with typical senior portraits

What if I want something unique?

No problem! You have the option to add on an individual session so you can make your own theme!


2021 is going to be the most amazing year ever!


Louisville Senior Portrait Photographer Tammy Howell

Louisville, KY
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